Ecotic Foundation

15 years of environmental commitment

“Since the inception of our activities 15 years ago, we have always remained faithful to our founding targets and the core values that have established us as a national reference in the field of electronic recycling”

It has now been 15 years since the Ecotic Foundation was first established. We are a non-profit organisation promoted by the leading companies in the electrical appliances sector that works to defend the environment and sustainable development by raising awareness and training manufacturers, distributors and users of electrical and electronic devices.


The strategic lines of action that we develop at Ecotic are guided by some foundational targets that give meaning to our activity and that have driven us to become a consolidated, unique and different organisation, and a reference in the electronic recycling sector and the promotion of the circular economy in our country.

Waste Recycling


Our main activity is the financing and management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) from our members, through our Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO).


We have been authorised by the Spanish government for the management of all categories of WEEE and we are responsible for the development and management of systems for the collection, treatment and control of the waste of our members, ensuring that they comply with all their responsibilities and legal obligations.


Although we are primarily active in the Spanish market, we are also founding partners of WEEE Europe, a joint venture based in Germany, and we cover the Spanish market. Our participation in WEEE Europe puts us in a privileged position to bring added value to our members beyond our borders and to offer a Europe-wide solution for the management of WEEE, batteries and accumulators.

Research and training


In addition to operational activities related to the management of WEEE, at Ecotic we carry out studies and research on the collection, treatment and control of waste, both nationally and internationally, in order to promote good practices and the continuous improvement of recovery and recycling systems.


As members of the WEEE Forum, an association formed by the main management systems at a European level, we have also participated in numerous projects aimed at improving the control and management of WEEE, and the homogenisation of treatment requirements at a continental level.


Likewise, at Ecotic we promote extensive training aimed at manufacturers, distributors and installers of electrical and electronic equipment on the correct environmental management of WEEE. In a number of these activities, we have the invaluable support from the leading trade associations of installers and distributors of electrical and electronic equipment at a national level.

Outreach and raising awareness


Another major area of activity is the promotion of information and awareness campaigns, whether aimed at society in general or at specific groups. Every year we are involved in numerous actions and campaigns, individually and also in collaboration with other organisations, but always with the aim of boosting awareness of society and professional groups about the importance of proper recycling of WEEE for the transition to a circular economy model.


Thanks to our magnificent team of professionals, who every day put their knowledge, technical skills and commitment at the service of a common project, inspired by essential values such as sensitivity towards the environment and professional ethics, all these activities are possible.

Projects and Clients Area


This is the team responsible for overseeing the market, as well as affiliating and securing the loyalty of the member companies and organisations. It is also responsible for managing technical projects, participating in national and international forums, and promoting communication campaigns.

Operations area


Their primary role is the organisation, control and monitoring of the logistics and treatment of WEEE, as well as the negotiation of contracts and agreements with distributors, managers and treatment plants. In addition, they are responsible for authorisation management and relations with Autonomous Communities and local authorities.

Finance area


The most important activity is the coordination and control of the economic and administrative operation of the organisation, informing the Board and the governing body for decision making. It is also responsible for external reporting on aspects arising from the legal nature of the Foundation and from commitments to Public Agencies.



During the development of the activities and the fulfilment of our foundational targets, the support that some of the main companies of the consumer electronics sector, represented in our Board, give us is indispensable.

The Board’s duties include the approval of management programmes, the establishment of criteria for the constitution of new sectors of activity and the definition of the general lines of allocation and expenditure of the available funds.

Jaime Corderas

(Acting President 1st Vice President)

Pablo Enríquez
(2nd Vice President)

Iván Martín
(3rd Vice President)

Yong Bum Koo – Begoña Villa

José Francisco Sánchez

Ignacio Fraile Coca

Almudena Rodríguez

Laura Salcedo

Joan Enric Català

Josep Tort

Josep Maria Calvo

Alberto Barón